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Post  khrikulover on Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:46 am

First of all I don't want to force any member to work on a project that they dread, so I will tell you this.

This video will be...

1. NoctisxAerithxCloud. Aerith is the main character.

2. The Intended pairing is AerithxNoctis.

3. You will need HD Clips for this project. I will provide links and websites to help you.

4. I will be a tyrant when it comes to this project, because it is a story project I will be on your ass 24/7 lol just kidding. But If I want you to change a part from your part, you will have to do so.

5. You must be able to mask(even if it's not so good.) I'll try not to make it too hard for you new maskers. There are many tutorials on youtube to help you guys and I also believe that kikka has a video for this too. NO CHROME KEY....unless it's necessary.

So! if you dread any of the pairing or any of the character and you absolutely can't work with them, or if you can't mask at all and don't want to bother trying, or if you don't have time, then I won't force you to help in this project.

I will not hold it against you guys since this is one of MY projects.

So if you don't want in. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Almost forgot. Whoever participates, their characters will be added to the story.

No blabbing to others about this story.

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